• Brett N. Axler

Land Your Dream Job

Is your dream job to work for a professional sports team or television network? Or are you more into concerts, theater or the arts? If your dream job is in the sports, entertainment or television industry, I want to help you land that job.

My name is Brett Axler, I’ve been working in sports and entertainment for over 10 years. My career started in technical theater and theme parks, working in theaters around Philadelphia and New York and spending summers at Six Flags and CBS Radio. While studying at Drexel University, I began expanding into concerts working for talent including Taylor Swift, Neil Diamond, and Snoop Dogg. Around that time I began working for the Philadelphia Eagles in their broadcast department, ESPN Baseball, Comcast Sports and eventually moved onto being the Audio Visual and IT Manager for the opening of PPL Center a professional sports arena outside of Philadelphia.

Not long after all that fun, I found myself chasing my dreams of meeting Mickey Mouse and began my career with The Walt Disney Company at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. During that time, I continued to grow my professional network and was offered a few jobs with the NFL, Microsoft, and Bamtech Media, but I stayed dedicated to Disney and had the privilege of working on the opening of a few new shows in the parks along with Pandora, World of Avatar and Toy Story Land. Through the years, I've worked on Wheel of Fortune, Monday Night Football, The Thanksgiving Day Parade, Disney's Christmas Parade among a few other notable productions, show and broadcasts.

Now, in 2019, I am a Technical Integration Lead at Google, surrounded by the brilliant minds of Silicon Valley, doing what I love while continuing to grow and learn.

So why does any of this matter to you? My degree is in Entertainment and Arts Management, not in sports, not in television broadcasting, not in business, and definitely not in computer science, I don’t know how to write a single line of code. You can land any job in this industry that you are willing to put in the time, effort and passion to get yourself into! Over the past 10 years, I’ve landed more than 15 interviews that have all lead to offers, both for jobs that I’ve applied for and for employers that sought me out. I was not the top of my class (not even close), I don’t have 20 years of experience, I simply have my professional network, a well-written resume, a reputation as a hard worker willing to learn new skills and arguably most important, the confidence to interview well.

Let me help you land your dream job. I am accepting a small, limited number of job seekers from college-level through 5 years of experience to mentor and guide through the process of landing their dream jobs. We're going to work together to:

- Grow awareness of opportunities throughout the industry

- Build a resume targeted for the employer

- Grow and improve your LinkedIn profile

- Seek out connections and leads

- Make your name more than the header on a page in a pile of applications

- Build the confidence for a strong interview

- Write and follow up

Most importantly, we're going to grow our professional network.

For more information, send me a message and let me know what your dream job is along with why you would like to work with me.

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