Supporting the Community

Supported Projects and Causes

Image by Phil Hearing

Humane Society of Silicon Valley

Annual financial supporter of the Humane Society of Silicon Valley. Volunteer foster parent. I genuinely believe the human race has a lot to learn from animals, they are absolutely amazing, selfless, beings.  


Defunctland Patreon

Monthly Defunctland Patreon. I am a huge theme park and entertainment history nerd. Kevin and his team produce absolutely stunning content and I am happy to support them in their creative journey. 


Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

Founding Member of the Acadamy Museum of Motion Pictures. With a life long passion for entertaining others, I believe filmmaking and the history of how it came to be is a vital part of its future. 


Actor's Fund Supporter

Annual supporter of the Broadway Actors Fund. Broadway and musical theater was the foundation that led me to where I am today. Thousands of theater and entertainment professionals have lost their jobs due to the economic impacts of 2020. I have been trying to support them any way I can. 


Seeing Other People

Podcast Patreon

Content creators and influencers were some of the hardest-hit professionals amid the pandemic. Seeing Other People is hosted by two amazingly talented creators who were both affected by the economic downturn and managed to pivot their careers. As a former, young entrepreneur, I am a strong supporter of all those who are willing to take the risk to go out on their own and build a career for themselves. Check out Ilana and Jonah's podcast!